Cushman Cruise

Cushman Cruise Disc Golf Course offers a shorter, more technical course in the Olympic Mountains. Situated in the Lake Cushman community, just outside of Hoodsport, the name "cruise" is well selected. Enjoy a fun round, make a few ace runs, and enjoy your day at this dedicated disc golf park! Find amenities such as garbage and porta-potty facilities. Dogs welcome, but please be respectful of other golfers and clean up after your pet.

3151 N Lake Cushman Rd.
Hoodsport, WA 98584

PARKING: Main parking lot is on the left side of the road near Hole 1. Overflow parking on the right side of the road.

Cushman Cruise is made possible by a generous partnership with the Port of Hoodsport. Members of MCDG designed and installed the course. The course is currently managed by Birdie Bill, assorted community volunteers, and the Port of Hoodsport.

What's Hoodsport Hills?

There is signage at Cushman Cruise (and on Google Maps) that refers to the course as Hoodsport Hills. This is not correct. Hoodsport Hills is the name of a former/future(?) course on the right side of the road that was conceived and worked on, but never finished. This project was also launched in partnership with the Port of Hoodsport. There are/were visions of a championship-level 18-hole course through the wilds of the Hoodsport Community Trail Park. For now, there is no course over there; its just Cushman Cruise... but sometimes the names get mixed up.