Event Request

Would you like to host an event at Shelton Springs or Cushman Cruise?

  1. Please fill out this official request form below. You must be a member of Mason County Disc Golf to host and event. You don't have to live in Mason County to become a member.

  2. Mason County Disc Golf (MCDG) will add your request to the next official board meeting and begin the review process.

  3. MCDG takes all requests seriously and works diligently to respond to requests within 60 days.

  4. If approved, MCDG will send the requester the contract and fee addendum for the event.

  5. Once the contract is executed, the event will be placed on the official Event Page.

Resources for Event Hosting at Shelton Springs are found at the bottom of this page.


Course Closed Sign, which must be posted during scheduled events at each course entrance and between the practice basket and Hole 1.

No Parking Sign, for use on the grassy area near Chainman to keep the area clear.

You can find official course rules on the Shelton Springs course page.