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Resources for Tournament Directors at Shelton Springs

How do I hold an event at Shelton Springs?

Start with the Event Request Form.

Which Layout(s) Should I Use for Which Division?

Shelton Springs has three separate layouts that are designed to challenge golfers at appropriate levels across the rating system. To provide a competitive tournament, it is important to select the correct layout for each division. These are our recommendations:

Spring Board (PAR860) - MA/FA 2,3,4; Junior Divisions; Age-protected Divisions 40. This layout is not designed to challenge MPO/FPO/MP40 in a competitive tournament format.

Timber Claw (PAR930) - MA1, MA40, MP40; FPO, FA1; and a lighter/faster round for highly skilled players.

Misery Whip (PAR985) - MPO, MP40, MA1; FPO. This layout is not intended for less experienced players, or players without significant distance and control.

Sign Templates

Tournament Directors are required to post Course Closed signs prior to and during their events. No Parking signs may also be helpful. There is to be no parking on the grass between the power poles in front of Chainman. No parking in the paved YMCA lot.

Water and Port-a-Potty Notes

There is no running water on site. Please bring water jugs or individual bottles for your tournaments. In addition to Tournament Central, the crossroads between holes 9, 10, 11, and 12 makes for a good place to set up a table to provide mid-round refreshment. There is a port-a-potty available at the practice basket and at these crossroads.

Practice Baskets

We have one permanently installed practice basket near Hole 1. For tournaments with tee times, we like to use this basket for the card on deck. There's a nice area across the street, to the right of the YMCA, to set up practice baskets (none provided) and for players to warm up with approach-type shots. There isn't enough room to rip drives in this area, but some tournament directors have set up nets to throw into that seem to get a lot of use.

Caddy Book

Downloadable tee signs for all three layouts can be used as a caddy book. They are found on the Shelton Springs page. Feel free to send this link to players ahead of the event.

PDGA Waivers for Non-Standard Rules

PDGA Rules require a waiver for several of the holes at Shelton Springs to play them according to the tee signs. The course rules aren't odd or unreasonable, but the PDGA does require the waiver process for sanctioned events.

Waiver requests are to be submitted to the PDGA Event Support Team via email (

You may find this set of edits on the tee signs to be helpful along with your email request.